Meet our Standard Package

Additionally of the Starter Package:

Marketing Automation module

This module helps you to create and modify marketing campaigns without any programming skills. It also supports the customer lifecycle management, helps increasing the effectiveness of marketing activity through improved target selection analysis and back-testing. Moreover this module supports conducting complex communication strategies and continuously measure and monitor marketing effectiveness.

Personal System Training

In addition to making available the tutorial videos, one of our dedicated colleagues helps you to acquire the knowledge you need to use our system as quickly as possible, focusing on your own business’s challenges.

AddressCheck Quarterly

The system, due to the bounce-treatment, filters out the non-existent or temporarily unavailable contacts from your database during the email campaigns. Therefore, the system can inactivate a significant part of the database (1-2%) within a few months, because of the better delivery, because it looks that these addresses do not exist.

Dedicated Technical Support

We provide a direct contact for every user from the Maileon team, who will help you if you get stuck while using the system.

API Applications

The Maileon is able to connect to various systems using native applications, not only with Rest API. For example: WordPress, Shopify, Optimonk, Salesforce, Magento, Survicate, 123ContactForm

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12 501-25 000
25 001-50 000
50 001-75 000
75 001-100 000
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