Meet our Pro Package

Additionally of the Standard Package:

Campaign Monitoring

We provide an ongoing campaign monitoring for you, so you have to deal only with the information are relevant for you. We will look after the other details – email openings by domains, delivery problems, wrong campaign settings, etc.

Monthly Consultation

We discuss the collected suggestions, comments for improvement during the campaign monitoring with you in order to make more effective email marketing campaigns in the future

AddressCheck at Subscription

The Maileon provides the AddressCheck function as an extra service. The AddressCheck examines the received email address based on specified criteria and returns you with a report.
The report includes:
– Syntactically correct email address (according to the rules of RFC, or the service provider in some cases)
– The existence of the email address (not always discernible)
– The existence of the domain (if not, there is a list of domains with similar names)
– The risk of bounces
– The risk of Spamtrap
– Disposable address risk
The integration of this service in the subscription form can save ~5% of the potential customers.

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