User tracking

Individual tracking of each contact’s every response

Maileon tracks each individual user and creates a unique user profile for each email address. This profile includes general email statistics like opens, clicks, bounces, email clients, and also collects behaviour based data about what keywords motivate each individual to open or click an email.

This detailed, dynamic database enables marketers to use a very advanced, flexible, behaviour based segmentation methodology. Subscribers will be segmented without any questionnaire, and the personalized content makes the opening and click rates skyrocket. When each user receives a personalised subject line and content that meets their
preferences and interests they will be eager to get emails from you.

Opening data is stored in a calendar that records when subscribers open emails and which device they use to do so. If sufficient data is available it is possible to schedule email dispatch times handtailored for each user based on their previous activity.

Personal dispatch times also provide an opportunity to target times when the user is more likely to open on one specific type of device. This can be essential for e-commerce sites without mobile optimisation.