Template Center

Flexible, responsive templates are essential for success.

Good newsletter templates are an essential component for efficient and high-quality processes in email marketing, because templates.

  • Significantly cut the amount of time needed for email creation by means of reusable structures and content, automatic text generation, automatic index generation and intelligent article sorting.
  • Reduce the risk of deliverability and rendering problems, because good templates are composed in a way that they do not even permit certain errors that might easily lead to problems in manually coded HTML newsletters.
  • Reduce the risk of Corporate Design infringement since the degree of freedom in content editing can be precisely defined in good templates.
  • Reduce the risk of legal problems because essential components (e.g. complete legal, copyright hints, option to unsubscribe) are pre-defined in the template and thus can never be forgotten.
Good templates can quickly become complex. This is why there are two types of templates in modern email marketing:
  1. Low priced, modifiable templates that can be generated by the user. These are very standardized with only little flexibility and complexity.
  2. Complex templates requiring manual programming, thus being expensive and not maintainable by the user.

The XQ:Maileon Template Center provides email marketing users with a tool to generate and maintain even complex templates without the need of programming. This saves time and money. Our XQ:Maileon solution offers two types of templates:

Newsletter Templates

Specify newsletter structure and size, determine static content and define which and how many article templates may be used in which newsletter areas.

Article Templates

Specify article structure as well as the content editor’s degree of freedom: in other words, the functionality scope available. By means of standard article components, templates can be generated quickly for all prevalent newsletter article types.

With the help of XQ:Maileon template libraries users can conveniently generate their own templates based on   pre-defined newsletter and article templates.