Built for high performance

Web based technology for rock solid performance

The demands on modern email delivery are high. Newsletter offers should reach the recipient promptly because

  • Content, offers and prices should be as up-to-date as possible
  • E-mails need to be precisely synchronized with ad messages on other channels (like TV)
  • All recipients should be treated in equitable manner, with an equal chance to purchase a limited top offer from the newsletter

Maileon offers a solution for this: highest scalability in all pivotal system components. The core piece of our platform is a patent-pending special technology, capable of generating more than 100 million emails/ hour.

These emails are delivered bandwidth-optimized to an equally high performing mailserver cluster which is flexibly distributable on the XQ Private Cloud as well as on connectable external servers, physically delivering the emails. We are operating the commercial PowerMTA as standard mail server.

Thanks to our special technology the entire system of email generation and dispatch is architecturally organized in a way that sending performance only decreases minimally when emails contain multiple personalization. If necessary, performance is even further gradable. In test runs we have already achieved a sending speed of 250 million emails/ hour for typical newsletters (80 KB size, personalized, multipart).

But high performance does not end with delivery. Critical system components such as mailing list selection, address import and export, tracking and reporting have been consequently designed for high performance requirements. Delivery of newsletter pictures for bulk mailing lists is accomplished by means of a dedicated Content Delivery Network (CDN). All platform databases are encapsulated and can promptly be replaced by newer, faster database systems if necessary.

Physically delivering emails to the receiving mailservers is subject to speed limitations the sender has no influence on. This includes quantitative restraint, bandwidth limitations, or techniques such as greylisting and tarpitting. We ensure maximum send speed without deliverability losses by using  domain related rulesets . These are continuously observed and regularly optimized.