A/B Testing

Anything can be tested

In Maileon a completed basic letter (or controll letter) and all the steps before sending should be ready until the quality assuarance because it is a requisite of testing. When the letter is ready you can select it for testing under the Mailings -> Drafts menu and push the scissor icon. You can choose between two testing methods

  • Symmetric testing
  • during this method the system divides the database into a proper number of variables and it generates as many letters as many variables were setted up.
  • Assymetric testing
  • during this method test letters will be sent to a relative or exact amount of addresses and you will be able to send the winner version automatically or manually to rest of the addresses.

After generating the A/B versions the letter splits into several elements. These elements can be editted and sent like average newsletters. After editing (editing the testing elements) you are able to send them out normally and measuse the results by correspondence and by tests as well.