Database management

Portfolio maintanance and hygene is the base of campaign performance

E-Mail contacts with permission are more than only a basic requirement for lawful email marketing – as customers, prospects, employees, partners, members, donators, press contacts or shareholders they are among the most valuable assets of an enterprise or an organization.

On these grounds, Maileon offers comprehensive instruments for efficient and secure contact administration. In addition to the conventional data import and export functionalities and creation of own typical data fields, the platform provides various search and sorting functions, dupe and blacklist matching tools, intelligent forms of data enhancement and flexibly customizable, fully automated routines for data hygiene and improvement of address quality.

This involves, for example, processes for inactivating bounce addresses in compliance with CSA regulations or timely deletion of person related data for recipients who didn’t click your double optin mails. Beyond that, XQ:Maileon manages the permission statuses for all your contacts, including information on permission scope, e.g. individual user tracking.

Innovative reporting and analytics functionalities provide new prospects for the user, not only concerning the current status but also evolution of your contact portfolio. The integrated and easily customizable scoring system is based on profile and response information. It supports new selection modes, response forecast and value-oriented contact management

The list functionalities are based on the contact portfolio. Users can generate and manage any number of mailing lists. Maileon supports normal distribution lists, test lists and an arbitrary number of blacklists. Users can define most complex selection filters without cryptic script languages, brackets or nesting. Contact selection hits are displayed “at the push of a button”. Any selection filter can instantly be reused for purposes of data export, special reports or dynamic content. The integrated geoselector allows regional selection based on more than 10,000 pre-defined standard areas, periphery rules, freehand polygons, access routes or socio-demographic information.

Any modification to the contact portfolio – manually or automatically made – will be logged and thus be reproducible and reversible if needed.