All the mentioned services stores: opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribers, geolocation

  • Mailchimp can access purchase history via API
  • GetResponse – no geolocation – measures how much revenue is generated by the email (what you bought and for how much
  • CampaignMonitor able to track social sharing activity (email forward, facebook, twitter), built in Google Analytics
  • Benchmark able to compare several past email campaigns (side by side).
  • AWeber also able to store purchase history and visited pages, able to create segments from collected signup data (sex, age)

2.     Automated Communication

Usually Autorespond is available, subscribe, birthday and other date-based campaigns.

  • Mailchimp is able to send personalised offers based on purchase history
  • GetResponse Action-Based Messages (opens and clicks, changes in contact preferences, completed transaction, birthday(and other important dates), contact sign-up, another autoresponder) and Time-BasedMessages (unlimited messages per day, advanced timing control, simple cycle management, day-of-the-week selection)
  • CampaignMonitor triggered messages are based on expiring subscription or recently bought items. Webhooks – automatically sync subscriber activity with your own records as they happen
  • Benchmark basic functions
  • AWeber basic functions

3.     Address, List and Database Management

Every service is able to filter the subscribers email addresses creating new contact lists. Importing contact lists is also an option.

4.     API Integration

  • Mailchimp integrates with web services instantly like Facebook, Klout, WordPress, Paypal and several others
  • GetResponse API with documentation
  • CampaignMonitor 100+ integration opportunities, WebHook, API
  • Benchmark API with documentation
  • AWeber API with documentation

5.     WSYIWYG Content Editor

  • Mailchimp Email Beamer, Email Designer, Email Templates, Custom Forms
  • GetResponse Form Builder, 500+ Newsletter Templates, Multimedia Studio, Landing Page Creator, Create Responsive Emails, Forms on the Go
  • CampaignMonitor Dynamic Content, Template Creator, Own Template Language
  • Benchmark HTML Email Templates
  • AWeber Templates, image hosting, Twitter and Facebook integration, also able to create emails from your blog posts

6.     Mailing Template Center

  • Mailchimp vannak sablonok, amik közül lehet választani, van drag and drop sablonkészítő is és használható saját forrású html kód is.
  • GetResponse Landing Page Creator, Email Creator, 500+ Responsive Templates, Mobile Email Preview, Form Bulider, Inbox Preview
  • CampaignMonitor Drag and Drop, Dynamic Content, Own Template Language (HTML based)
  • Benchmark Drag and Drop, Email Templates, Online Surveys, Signup forms
  • AWeber Drag and Drop, Stock Photo Gallery and Image hosting, Plain text and HTML opportunities, Template directory with responsive templates and matching signup forms

7.     Detailed Statistics

  • Mailchimp interactive graphs, monitor trends, subscriber activity reports, revenue report, opens by location, bounces, unsubscribers, industry comparison, VIP and printable reports, email domain performance, Clickmaps
  • GetResponse Metrics over Time, sub-group segmentation, email comparison, Real Email ROI, Autoresponder statistics, Smart reporting
  • CampaignMonitor Social sharing, Google Analytics, Worldview
  • Benchmark basic analytics with geolocation
  • AWeber NO

8.     Split Testing, Automatic Decision Making

  • Mailchimp subject line, time of delivery, from names, percentage, automatic dispatch after testing
  • GetResponse subject line, from field, content, best day of week, best time of day, percentage, automatic dispatch after testing
  • CampaignMonitor subject line, email design, sender details
  • Benchmark subject line, percentage, multiple variables or delivery time
  • AWeber NO

9.     Intelligent List Segmentation

  • Mailchimp Time Zone, Email client, Desktop/Mobile. VIP users (based on clicks, opens, bounces), purchase history – only with ecommerce360, Notes (you can add personal notes manually), „track activity andsegment a goal” – a goal can be a webpage, a subdomain, or a javascript
  • GetResponse filtering options based on previous campaigns when you are dispatching a new campaign (opened, clicked, shopped during previuos campaigns)
  • CampaignMonitor filtered by the last three opened campaigns and countries
  • Benchmark NINCS
  • AWeber NINCS

10.Scheduled Mailings

  • Mailchimp timed dispatch, with A/B testing you can find out when you supposed to send the campaigns out, but there is no personalised dipatch time
  • GetResponse it is the same as Mailchimp
  • CampaignMonitor is able to send in any time zone
  • Benchmark NO
  • AWeber NO

11.Automatic Content Upload

  • Mailchimp NO
  • GetResponse NO
  • CampaignMonitor NO
  • Benchmark automatically create emails from your newest blog posts
  • AWeber it does the same like Benchmark

12.High Performance

  • Mailchimp NO
  • GetResponse NO
  • CampaignMonitor hosts the images on their own servers, super-speedy wordwide content delivery network
  • Benchmark NO
  • AWeber NO

13.Automated Reply Processing

  • Mailchimp NO
  • GetResponse NO
  • CampaignMonitor NO
  • Benchmark NO
  • AWeber NO