Meet our Basic Package

30-day Trial Period

In a 30 day trial period, you are able to test all of the functions of the Maileon, so you can try out everything in the way you’ll use it in the future as well.

Repsonsive Templates

In our system many, ready-made, responsive templates (designed for all devices) are available for you. Whether you would like to create a welcome message, weekly special offers or send your newest blog posts, in the Maileon you can find the right templates, which can be fully customized.

Dedicated Technical Support

We provide a direct contact for every user from the Maileon team, who will help you if you get stuck while using the system.

Education Videos

In order to learn our system easily and quickly, our education videos will help you from importing contacts all the way to set up your own campaigns. These videos are available during the 30 day trial period as well.

API Integration

With the help of the Maileon Rest API, the system can be connected to any other system, whether it’s a self-developed webshop or a cloud-based CRM system.

0-12 500
12 501-25 000
25 001-50 000
50 001-75 000
75 001-100 000
49 €
79 €
114 €
144 €
174 €
84 €
114 €
149 €
179 €
209 €