What is Maileon?

An innovative email marketing application

Maileon is a professional newsletter software you can use online through our secure web platform. In your account you have flexible access to your campaigns, statistics at any time, from anywhere to benefit from the powerful functionalities of our software.

With our newly developed and patent-pending special technology we have made Maileon even better, particularly aiming at flexible and uncompromising usability. Our innovative email newsletter software comprises 10 years of profound knowledge and experience in email marketing, 2 years of development effort and feedback from more than 700 customers.

The main feature of Maileon is to generate each email address an individual user profile. The sytem tracks the users for opening data (open, click, bounce …) and behavior data (which products, offers prefers, what words in the subject line will boost the open rate …) and other user preferences. These data can also be used to personalize the communication.

The other key area is unlimited personalisation. Within Maileon both the subject line and the content can be freely and dynamically personalized to each user. You can import any data (text, numbers, boolean variables, dates) to your email fdatabase, furthermore thorough the API ecommerce related events can be feed back to Maileon too. Adding the behavior based tracked data you’ll have everything for a cutting edge dynamic RFM segmentation ssytem within Maileon.

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